Distributed Learning Enrolment

Please only enroll if you're interested in our DL (distance learning) program which includes teacher support and communicating weekly. 

To enroll new or re-enroll for the 21-22 school year please head over to our beta site at beta.eStreams.ca. You will see "enroll" at the top left. 

If you have trouble opening the page, please try going to it in a private or incognito window by either copying and pasting the link or typing it in manually as we are working at changing over to a whole new system for the 21-22 school year.

If you're a Special Ed sudent inquiring about our program, please contact Deb Ference (d.ference@estreams.ca) or call 877-777-1547 ext 21

If you're looking to register instead (no teacher involvement) go here for more information. 

Thank you kindly for your patience.  Holly Mitchell