General Overview of the eStreams Learning Journey

Have you ever seen an aerial photo of a delta and noticed how, just as the river nears the sea, the surge of current is distributed across hundreds, sometimes thousands of smaller streams that cross and crisscross in a variety of patterns? Have you observed how those streams separate to flow over, around, and through the rich deposits of silt and how life along these paths flourishes? Have you seen the way some of the streams follow existing channels while others carve new routes? Have you noticed that even though the streams appear to meander, their flow keeps pace with the big river and all reach their destination?

Mainstream education is much like a big river experience where large quantities of water are moved through a single channel toward a specific destination in a very efficient manner. Homelearning with eStreams is more like a delta experience where the same quantity of water flows but through a myriad branching, interconnecting streams rather than a single channel. The streams and the river have the same final destination and both flow at the same rate; they just get there in different ways.

You may already be familiar with some of the many educational streams available to Homelearners – streams identified as "Online", "Complete Curriculum", "Classical Conversations", "Sonlight", "Charlotte Mason", "Unschooling", "Relaxed Schooling", "Unit Study", "Independent Study", "Eclectic", "Traditional", "Mitchell Made", "Gather Round", "The Good and the Beautiful, or you may be facing all these possibilities with wonder and perhaps a bit of trepidation.

Are you aware that Distributed Learning programs (DL) tend to specialize in one or two of these approaches? Have you found the Distributed Learning program that supports your family goals and ideals? Perhaps you’ve already wet your feet in one of these streams and now realize that it wasn’t a fit… or maybe you are struggling with trying to maintain your “delta experience” in the “river” context of a particular DL.

CHeS recognizes these challenges and invites you to consider our innovative, collaborative approach. The eStreams approach is designed to help you identify your own unique goals and ideals before you begin your journey, then to present you with a selection of streams capable of enhancing and supporting the delta experience you are aiming for. This vibrant program provides a fully accredited, Scripture-based, learning experience to families in a variety of settings throughout BC. Whatever your needs, whatever your setting, CHeS aims to provide personalized, sensitive support that will enable your homelearning family to flourish.